interior design Services

We love design in all aspects – whether you want design advice or a full design package – we are happy to help you along your design journey!

Our interior design services include:

– Site analysis and survey
– Property investigations
– Tenancy investigations
– Concept development
– Space planning
– Preliminary sketch plans
– Final sketch plans
– Documentation, drafting and detailing
– Furniture, finishes and equipment specification
– Defects inspection and report
– Accessible living
– Acoustic design
– Lighting design
– Styling

It’s as much about the design journey as it is the destination.

We specialise in both commercial and residential interior and building design and we’re capable of managing your build from start to finish.

What does your space say about you?

Design a room at a time

This package is for the design lover who wants one room designed at a time – the long-term investor in design.

What you need to get started is:

+ Concept development
+ Space planning
+ Design and documentation
+ Furniture, finishes and equipment
+ Styling

The First Home Buyer

Money is always tight – we get that you like to do this yourself to save some coin! We also understand that a professional designer can save you time and cash! Let’s work together…

What you get for your buck is:

+ Tenancy investigations
+ Site analysis
+ Space planning and test fits
+ Budget conscious design development
+ Furniture, finishes and equipment

The Renovator

Help is on the way! Living in a space that doesn’t reflect who you are or suit your lifestyle can be a bore! Let’s get this project started…

How to get it done includes:

+ Interior Architecture
+ Design and documentation
+ Lighting design
+ Furniture, finishes and equipment
+ Project planning and budget assessment

The Re-build

The empty block that needs your new home is happening… you may want to knock down an rebuild?

+ Site analysis
+ Architecture
+ Design and drafting
+ Planning and/or construction certification
+ Specification

Property Styling

Your space is nearly there it just needs some love and attention! You want your space to look lived in for all the right reasons! Those friends are dying to come over and you’re too embarrassed to invite them…

The final touches include:

+ Long-term styling
+ Furniture and finishes
+ Artwork
+ Lighting
+ Accessories

Project Management Plan

You are time poor and need someone to take care of everything, make sure things are on track and keep you informed along the way…

This package will get you on track:

+ Project planning
+ Project tracking
+ Trades and contractors
+ Gantt charts
+ Risk assessments