About Neon White

My name is Meg Campbell and I’m a Canberra based interior designer. Some of my favourite things include travelling, my garden, red wine and snow trips.

I also love designing homes, workplaces, resorts, hotels and styling spaces.

The main thing that ties all these different types of interiors together is that I love telling stories with my projects. I started my interior design journey with commercial projects and I have worked in Canberra, Canada and Sydney. I enjoy translating the story you want to convey for your business into a visual brand. I am passionate about telling the story of your lifestyle in a personal, authentic, natural style.

Drop me a line if you want to work together or just say hello!


Meg xx

Megan Campbell Interior Designer

A little more about us.....

My name is Rohe and I’m the designer dog who works at Neon White Design. I’m named after my mum’s favorite architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe.

I’m passionate about meeting and greeting clients and some of my favourite things include long walks through Fadden Pines, chasing squeaky balls and annoying designers when they are trying to work.

Drop by the studio if you would like to give me a pat or just say hello!


Rohe xx

The Hens

Our names are little chicken and big chicken!

We work behind the scenes at Neon White Design and we love getting our feet dirty scratching around the yard for bugs and worms. The environment is important to us and we help decompose scraps from the Neon kitchen.

We are super friendly and don’t mind a scratch on the head or a soft hug.

Drop by the studio for a fresh free range egg or just say hello!

Little Chicken + Big Chicken xx